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Care & Cleaning

Regular cleaning and annual check-ups are essential for maintaining the beauty and integrity of your jewellery. Just as you get a Warrant of Fitness for your vehicle to ensure everything is up to standard, annual jewellery check-ups by professional jewellers can identify and address any issues before they become significant problems.

Here’s why you should prioritise these practices:
Preserve Brilliance:
Daily wear dulls the shine of your jewellery. Regular cleaning restores its sparkle, making it look as stunning as new.
Prevent Damage:
Dirt and grime can cause damage over time, especially to settings and clasps. Routine cleaning helps prevent this buildup.
Extend Longevity: Proper maintenance keeps your jewellery in excellent condition for years, preserving its value and sentimental worth.
Peace of Mind: Knowing your jewellery is well-maintained and secure provides confidence and peace of mind.
Detect Problems Early:
Annual check-ups by professional jewellers identify issues like loose stones or worn claws before they cause significant damage or loss.


At Home Cleaning

To keep your jewellery looking its best between professional cleanings, we offer a range of easy to use at-home cleaning solutions. Our carefully curated selection includes gentle yet effective cleaners, polishing cloths, and tools designed to maintain the brilliance and beauty of your pieces. By incorporating our at-home cleaning products into your regular maintenance routine, you can ensure your jewellery remains sparkling and pristine, reducing the need for frequent professional cleanings and prolonging the life of your treasured items.

Visit our store to explore our range and receive a demonstration on how to use these products effectively.


Complimentary Cleaning Service

Sparkle Refresh

This service includes a quick yet thorough cleaning to restore the shine of your jewellery while you wait. We can also demonstrate how to use our cleaning products available for purchase.

Free for up to 2 items while you wait


Professional Clean & Check

This service involves a thorough cleaning of your jewellery performed by our experienced jewellers. Our jewellers will also carefully inspect your piece, ensuring it’s in good condition and alerting you to any areas that may need attention or repair.

From $25 per item

Comprehensive care for your precious jewellery

Ultimate Spa Service

This service includes:
1. Professional checking of your ring, including all stones
2. Tightening all stones in claws and channels
3. Buffing
to remove surface imperfections
4. Polishing
for a brilliant finish
5. Two-stage cleaning
involving steam and ultrasonic methods
6. Photograph & Report that can be used for insurance
7. Rhodium plating for white gold
*additional $100 per piece (save $20)

Price $99 per item*

Jewellery Repairs

Our expert jewellers are here to repair your cherished pieces. Offering a comprehensive range of professional repair services, our jewellers ensures that each piece receives the utmost care and precision it deserves to repair it to it's former glory. Unless otherwise stated, all repairs are completed onsite in our workshop.



  • Ring Resizing
  • Chain & Clasp Repairs
  • Stone Setting or Replacement
  • Stone Sourcing
  • Claw Tightening and Retipping
  • Cleaning and Polishing
  • Earring repairs
  • Rhodium plating for white gold
  • Pearl Rethreading
  • Re-shank thin bands
  • Jewellery Alterations
  • Plus much more!