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Article: Professional Ring Removal

Professional Ring Removal

Professional Ring Removal

We understand that getting a ring stuck on your finger can be both stressful and painful. If you've tried the at home methods for removing your stuck ring and haven't been successful, we offer two professional methods that are safe and effective in removing your ring. Read more about these below: 

Ring Rescue: A Gentle Compression Device

For those dealing with swelling that makes it difficult to remove a ring, the Ring Rescue Compression Device offers a non-invasive solution. This device gently compresses your finger, reducing the swelling and allowing us to slide the ring off without causing any damage to your precious jewellery or your finger. It's a quick and painless method designed with your comfort in mind.


Professional Ring Cutting

In cases where the Ring Rescue Compression Device isn’t sufficient, our skilled jewellers are equipped to safely cut the band and remove the ring. Our team carries out this procedure with the utmost care, ensuring your safety and minimising any potential damage to the ring.


Once your Ring has been Removed

Once we've safely removed your ring, we suggest waiting until any swelling has subsided before considering your next steps. This ensures that your finger has returned to its normal size, allowing for a more accurate fitting. Here’s what you can do next:

  1. Wait for Swelling to Subside: Allow your finger some time for any swelling to reduce. The time required can vary depending on how tight the ring was and the severity of the swelling. 
  2. Visit Us for Resizing: Once the swelling has completely gone down, bring your ring back to us. Our team will carefully measure your finger to ensure a perfect fit. This precise measurement is crucial for a comfortable and safe fit.
  3. Ring Resizing: Our experienced jewellers will resize your ring to ensure a perfect fit once more. 

> Click here to book a Ring Removal or Ring Sizing Appointment with our Jewellers

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