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Jewellery Repairs

Our expert jewellers are here to repair your cherished pieces. Offering a comprehensive range of professional repair services, our jewellers ensures that each piece receives the utmost care and precision it deserves to repair it to it's former glory. Unless otherwise stated, all repairs are completed onsite in our workshop.

If you would like to meet with our jewellers to discuss your jewellery needs, we ask that you kindly book an appointment prior to your visit to ensure their availability.



  • Ring Resizing
  • Chain & Clasp Repairs
  • Stone Setting or Replacement
  • Stone Sourcing
  • Claw Tightening and Retipping
  • Cleaning and Polishing
  • Earring Repairs
  • Rhodium plating for white gold
  • Pearl Rethreading
  • Re-shank thin bands
  • Jewellery Alterations
  • Jewellery Valuations
  • Ring Removal
  • Plus much more!

Chain Repairs

Whether it's a broken clasp, a snapped link, or any other issue, our skilled jewellers can meticulously repair your chains. We can also add safety chains for extra security and modify chain lengths to suit your preferences perfectly.


We recommend a professional cleaning and maintenance check for your precious jewellery at least once a year. Our expert jewellers meticulously clean, buff and polish each piece, ensuring it sparkles like new. Alongside the cleaning, we perform a thorough maintenance check to ensure the integrity and longevity of your ring, catching any potential issues early. Additionally, we photograph your jewellery for insurance purposes, providing you with peace of mind in the unfortunate event of loss.

Please note that white gold rings will also require rhodium plating after this service.

Ring Removal

We understand that removing a stuck ring can be a stressful and sometimes painful experience. That's why we offer two safe and effective options for ring removal:

  1. Ring Rescue - A Compression Device: This method uses a gentle compression device designed to reduce swelling, allowing us to remove your ring without causing damage to your finger or the ring itself.
  2. Ring Cutting: For cases where Ring Rescue isn't sufficient, our expert jewellers can safely cut the band to remove the ring. We ensure this procedure is carried out with the utmost care, prioritising your safety and minimising any potential damage to your jewellery.

Ring Reshank

Over time, ring bands can wear thin, become misshapen, or even crack. Our expert jewellers carefully replace the shank, ensuring your ring regains its durability and comfort while preserving its original beauty and sentimental value. Trust us to handle your treasured pieces with precision and care, so you can continue to wear them with confidence for years to come.

Jewellery Valuations

A jewellery valuation provides a comprehensive document, including descriptions, images, and values of the piece. We engage an independent valuer off site for this service to ensure accuracy. Valuations are ideal for insurance purposes, sales, or understanding your piece's value. It also ensures a streamlined claim process should you lose or damage your piece.

Rhodium Plating

Is your white gold starting to look a little yellowed?
In order to maintain it's bright, white appearance, white gold is rhodium plated. We recommend completing this process every 12-24 months to bring back it's shiny white finish.