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Bespoke Design


At Agapé Jewellers we offer a full range of custom design and manufacturing service to bring your dreams to life. Whether you have just a concept in your mind, a picture on your phone or need some professional help getting started. We can bring your design to reality.

We design all kinds of jewellery including engagement and weddings rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and other jewellery. Our highly experienced team can work with you to plan and produce that perfect individual piece, custom made just for you.

The Process


Ler's discuss your Dream piece

Our bespoke design process begins with a private consultation either in person or online to understand your style and preferences. Whether we find your perfect design in our extensive library or start fresh to create something entirely original, this initial meeting is essential.

During this collaborative session, we delve into your ideas and preferences, forming a clear picture of your vision. Together, we focus on the broader concept you have in mind, laying the foundations for a unique piece that resonates with your personal story and style.

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bringing your ideas to life

Next, we will prepare a detailed hand-drawn sketch or a CAD (computer-aided design), showcasing all aspects of the design discussed. This allows you to visualise the piece from different angles, bringing your unique creation to life digitally before it is crafted.

This is the time to make any changes to ensure the pieces is exactly what you had in mind.

3D Printing

Trouble visualising a design from a picture?

We offer 3D printing services to bring your custom jewellery designs to life. This innovative technology allows you to see and try on a physical prototype of your piece, giving you a clear idea of its size, fit, and appearance before we proceed with the final creation. Experience the perfect blend of modern technology and craftsmanship, ensuring your design is exactly as you envisioned.

Stone Sourcing

Selecting your perfect match

Finding the perfect stone(s) is key to bringing your bespoke jewellery design to life. Our meticulous sourcing process ensures we provide only the finest, ethically sourced precious stones, reflecting our commitment to quality and responsible practices.

During the selection process, we present carefully selected options for you to choose from. Our expert team will guide you to find the perfect stone that complements your unique design.

After Sales Service

The Journey Continues...

At Agapé Jewellers, our relationship with you continues well beyond the moment you receive your custom-made jewellery. We provide comprehensive after-sale services to ensure your ongoing satisfaction and the longevity of your treasured piece. Whether it’s cleaning, maintenance, resizing, or repairs, our dedicated team is here to support you throughout the lifetime of your jewellery.

We believe in creating lasting connections and ensuring that your cherished pieces remain as beautiful as the memories they represent.


Talk to one of our friendly designers today to see how we can bring your design dreams to life!

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