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Workshop Services

At Agapé Jewellers, our comprehensive workshop services are designed to restore, repair, and enhance your treasured pieces with meticulous care and expertise.

Our skilled jewellers are based onsite at our flagship store in MADE, located in Hamilton East. All workshop services are performed onsite, unless otherwise stated, ensuring the highest level of care and craftsmanship for your treasured pieces.

If you wish to meet with our jewellers to discuss your jewellery needs, please book an appointment prior to your visit to ensure their availability.

Jewellery Repairs

Our expert jewellers are here to repair your cherished pieces. Offering a comprehensive range of professional repair services, our jewellers ensures that each piece receives the utmost care and precision it deserves to repair it to it's former glory. Unless otherwise stated, all repairs are completed onsite in our workshop.

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  • Ring Resizing
  • Chain & Clasp Repairs
  • Stone Setting or Replacement
  • Stone Sourcing
  • Claw Tightening and Retipping
  • Cleaning and Polishing
  • Earring repairs
  • Rhodium plating for white gold
  • Pearl Rethreading
  • Re-shank thin bands
  • Jewellery Alterations
  • Plus much more!

Remakes, Restorations & Remodeling

We specialize in remakes, restoration, and remodeling of your cherished pieces. From restoring family heirlooms to their original splendor to remaking dated items into a new design, we've got you covered. We can source replacements for missing stones, match gemstones for colour and size, and even re-cut or polish existing stones, all with the utmost care.

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Care & Cleaning

We recommend professional cleaning at least once a year. We have trained staff in our store with over 100 years combined experience in caring for your fine jewellery. Your valuable pieces will be cleaned to ensure the brilliance of your jewellery continues to last a lifetime. We can also give advice on how to best care for your pieces to ensure longevity.

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Jewellery Valuations

A jewellery valuation provides a comprehensive document, including descriptions, images, and values of the piece. We engage an independent valuer for this service to ensure accuracy. Valuations are ideal for insurance purposes, sales, or understanding your piece's value. It also ensures a streamlined claim process should you lose or damage your piece.