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Article: Everything you need to know about Permanent Jewellery

Everything you need to know about Permanent Jewellery

Everything you need to know about Permanent Jewellery

Permanent Jewellery is the Hottest Jewellery Trend right now! If you've missed the memo, don't worry, we've written everything you need to know about permanent jewellery below!

What is Permanent Jewellery?

Permanent jewellery is a chain that is custom measured and welded to your wrist, neck, or ankle by our trained technicians to create a seamless bracelet, anklet, or necklace. With no clasp, you don’t need to remove your piece daily, making it a convenient piece of jewellery that gives you effortless styling everyday.

Why Choose Permanent Jewellery?

There are many reasons to get permanent jewellery. Here are some key benefits:

- Personal Significance: Many people choose to get permanent jewellery with their best friends, their mum, their partner, or their child or to mark a special occassion. Permanent jewellery can be used as a constant remonder of a special moment or person in your life. 
- Durability: Made from high-quality materials, these pieces are designed to withstand daily wear and tear.
- Convenience: No need to take your bracelet on and off every day or struggle with a clasp; permanent jewellery is always on you.
- Custom Fit: If you've ever struggled to find bracelets, anklets or necklaces that are the right length, then permanent jewellery is for you! Each item is custom-fitted to your specifications, ensuring the perfect length and fit.
- Unique Style: With the addition of charms, you can create truly unique looks to tell your story.

Who Can You Get Permanent Jewellery With?

Permanent jewellery is for everyone! Whether you choose to get it on your own or with someone special, the possibilities are endless. We have done permanent jewellery for partners, friends, hens parties, wedding parties, families, and mother/daughter duos and more!

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Permanent Jewellery?

We have done permanent jewellery for individuals from age 1 to 91. However, parental consent is required for anyone under the age of 15. For children, we recommend only doing bracelets or necklaces with a clasp so there is a breaking point in case of emergency.

Can I Add Charms Later On to My Permanent Jewellery?

Absolutely! We can remove the piece of permanent jewellery, add the charm (give it a good clean while it's off), and reweld it back on. Simply book a 'Reweld/Charm Addition' appointment for this service.

The Process of Getting Permanent Jewellery

  1. Choose Your Chain & Charms: Select from our range of different chains and charms to create your own unique look.
  2. Get Fitted: We will custom measure the chain to create the perfect fit for you.
  3. Welding: Our trained technicians will weld the chain onto you using a safe, simple, and painless technique.

What Different Types of Permanent Jewellery Can You Get?

We offer permanent bracelets, permanent necklaces, and permanent anklets.

How Long Does Permanent Jewellery Last?

In most cases, permanent jewellery will last between 1 to 5 years or even longer, depending on lifestyle factors. If your chain comes off or needs to be removed, it can easily be rewelded later. 

Is Permanent Jewellery Safe?

Yes, permanent jewellery is completely safe. The welding process is quick and painless, and our technicians take every precaution to ensure your comfort and safety. For added peace of mind, we cover your skin with a leather patch during the process.

Can Permanent Jewellery Be Removed?

Yes, you can remove your permanent jewellery by cutting the chain as neatly as possible with a pair of scissors or side cutters. If you would like to have it re-welded, keep it in a safe place and arrange a time to have it re-welded.

Can I Add a Clasp to My Permanent Jewellery?

Yes! If you want to join the permanent jewellery trend but aren't able to commit to wearing jewellery full-time, we can add a clasp to your piece.

How Do I Care for Permanent Jewellery?

Caring for permanent jewellery is straightforward.
Here are some tips:

- Avoid catching or pulling the jewellery to prevent damage.
- Clean sterling silver with a silver polishing cloth if it becomes tarnished.
- Clean any residue build-up with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water.
- Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive surfaces. Rinse under fresh water after contact with chemicals.
- Though gold filled chains are much more durable than gold plated jewellery, we recommend treating gold-filled jewellery like gold-plated jewellery for increased longevity: avoid perfumes, lotions, and harsh chemicals. Rinse with fresh water if contact occurs.

Where Can I Get Permanent Jewellery?

Currently, we're offering pop ups at local businesses so you can get your permanent jewellery fix. Once Agape Jewellers is open, you'll be able to get permanent jewellery in store. We’re proud to be the first to offer permanent jewellery in Hamilton and are also Hamilton's only permanent jewellery service with a shopfront, providing flexibility for appointments.

How Much Does Permanent Jewellery Cost?

Prices for permanent jewellery vary, but you can find our price list here.

How Can I Book an Appointment?

You can find our current permanent jewellery appointment times here or follow us on Instagram for our Walk-In Appointment times.

 Visit us at Agapé Jewellers for more information and to book your appointment today.

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